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Innovation Pointe Cooperative is a model for using the cooperative structure as a platform in communities. Cooperatives adhere to the seven founding principles that will guide IPC’s vision of navigating our future together. Through a grassroots leadership approach, IPC will raise the standard in communities by looking for opportunities to collaborate with others to find solutions to the complex problems communities are facing. IPC will leverage technology to enhance the quality of life for residents of those communities.

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Social Responsibility

The local economy and quality of life have always been imperative for communities’ success. This is many times referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility with the recognition that the leadership and resources that impact change often times come from within the corporate sector.

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Technology Solutions

Making strategic decisions and investments in individual businesses and communities is becoming more challenging as financial resources become stressed and the risk of investing in the wrong technology grows with the exponential growth of technology.

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Smart Economics

An important ingredient in the IPC platform is the recognition of converging technologies. Technological convergence is the understanding that as technology changes, existing technological systems will merge and evolve toward performing similar tasks.

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Ecosystem Development

The IPC platform helps regions, communities and organizations tap new emerging opportunities and markets through the development of new ecosystems or what we have referred to historically as partnerships.

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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy opportunities are growing across the nation's grid. IPC serves as an enabler for utilities to maximize the value of sustainable energy and micro-grids. A community's economy is dependent on the ability for the community to compete in critical areas such as energy cost.

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