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Taking a Quantum Leap to Save Families $100 a Month

About the IPC Co-operative

International Purchasing Cooperative (IPC Co-Op, NV) will transport the Mondragon MCC co-op federation’s 4-pillar model to North America, and beyond. Via its unique worldwide Co-Op platform, IPC will amplify the Mondragon 4 Pillars by bringing to its online member HOUSEHOLDS (and to select employers), total buying power, ownership, and economic control of all goods, services, and production of the same.

Thanks to Regulation A+, working class people now can invest where once only accredited investors could. IPC Co-Op is launching a quantum leap – an International Federation of household buying power associations (HBPA’s). We expect to attract a captive market of 100 million member households in the USA alone.

 As the overarching co-op is an international purchasing cooperative for an international federationIPC will transport the uniquely successful Mondragon MCC co-op (located in the Basque region of Spain) so that American HBPA co-op members can buy many $Billions of goods and services and member households save over $100 per month.


Also, an allied offshore merchant bank (MB) will set up due diligence laboratories (DD Labs) in Rochester New York, Rochester, Minnesota, and San Jose California. The merchant bank will have five seats – four at $50 million each and our Founders’ seat at one dollar. The MB will be an LLP located offshore and will oversee the Money Managers (MM) for the IPC patient capital pool.

This patient capital pool is estimated to reach $10 billion by 2025 for two reasons.

  1. 25 (or more) HBPA’s will each raise $75 million every 12 months.
  2. The MB’s MM’s yields will average better than 10%. The “Beacon Model” will provide to IPC Founders, early ventures’ Owner Developers, as well as any sane adult IPC Co-Op federation household member in the USA, subscriptions with U.S. SEC Reg. A+ long term ownership interests and commensurate ground-floor potential rewards.

The MB Founders’ seat (voting trust) still has room, as does that Rochester DD Lab which the MB will institute. Parties to the MB will be poised to invest in well-due-diligenced startup ventures tracking up toward a Reg. A+ direct public offering (DPO) via the “Beacon Model.”


Through the Beacon Model, the Co-Op Pillar platform will provide opportunity for U.S. Members to invest just after IPC MB Founders to provide early HOUSEHOLD Co-Op ownership participation, bringing the Ownership of Production to member households while lowering members’ purchasing costs.

Do you wish to explore Beacon Model opportunities as a founder? Reach out to learn how.


The GILT-EDGED HIGH-YIELD BOND™, the first novel bond in a millennium, is backed by gold mines’ sinking funds comprised of Stable Gold Collateral© (SGC©) in bullion banks and insured. That stabilized gold underpinning, when combined with optional USDX support for the bonds, is more solid than the U.S. dollar’s backing was in 1944. Read more. View the IPC-Coop Offering Statement on SEC report.

Advantages of Stable Gold Collateral Bonds (SGC™) Vs. Other Fixed Income Choices

by George W. Beard and Howard J. Gunn

March 2022 ~ USA


Executive Summary


Preserving capital and generating income is the principal focus of Fixed Income investors. Government and Corporate Bonds, CDs, and Money Market Funds offer such investors a steady stream of interest income. The debt instrument also returns the capital to the owner of the instrument at the end of the instrument’s life. This life cycle of interest payments and guarantees allows the instruments to be valued, traded, and exchanged as an asset during their life cycle.

When analyzing these securities, Fixed Income investors typically balance the

instrument’s yield and its associated risks. We associate the risk of the issuer with rating agencies. Interest rates of the instrument reflect this risk


Typical yields in (March 2022) are in the 1.5 to 2.5% range. High-risk junk bonds are paying interest rates as high as 3.5%. The U.S. Federal Reserve rates briefly soar during periods of high inflation. Yet, 10-year Treasury bonds have not risen above 8.8% for over 30 years.


Stable Gold Collateral (SGC™) corporate bonds are a unique new bond type issued with the aid of the Singapore Bullion Bank Group (SBBG). The SBBG insures a zero-coupon SGC™ bond with an 8.8% compound interest rate return. To assure interest payments and bond repayment, the bullion bank requires that the bond issuer deposit 40% of the issuer’s SGC bond revenue into a sinking fund as physical gold (assets) owned by the bond issuer. The bond “issuer” thereby collateralizes its SGC™ bonds with that gold sinking fund, to ensure bond price stability for open exchange trading over the life of the bond.

This gold sinking fund is used for the biannual collateralizing. The sinking fund ensures repayment of 40% of the SGC™ bond at 8.8% annual compound interest (Preserved Capital) at the end of its period.

Read more

Meet the Team

Learn why we believe in cooperative investment.

At IPC Co-operative, our team is dedicated to bring a more effective balance to the global economy.


Our vision to enhance economic, social, and environmental sustainability worldwide drives everything we do.

Take the Leap

Take a quantum leap for households. Here is how.

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The Quantum Leap

An eye-opening map showing the

past, present and likely future health and wealth position of everyday American

households. Read more.

Mondragon Coop

Analyzing the public policy environment, capitalization

environment, availability of federation support, and the context for the worker co-op

movements… Read more.

Tower by Srinivas Agra from the Noun Project

The Beacon Model

The novel Beacon Model© of corporate finance uses existing SEC regulatory procedures and regulated practices of the Toronto and the New York Stock Exchanges to place high-quality start-up and early-stage companies on those exchanges. Read more.

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Rock-a-Bye IP

Rock-a-bye IP, in the treetop,
When the cash flows, your cradle will rock!
When the dream breaks, the cradle will fall,
Then kiss goodbye your IP, cars, farm and all. Read more.

Mondragon Coop

Mondragon ranked 11th in Fortune’s list of enterprises that are changing the world (10/1/2020) –  Worker-owned Mondragon Corporation was included in Fortune Magazine’s list of enterprises that are changing the world. The cooperative group came eleventh in the ranking, ahead of companies like Mastercard, Microsoft, or Google.

The Beacon Model

Offering unprecedented advantages for venture teams.

IPC Cooperative
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